First of all, whoever comes up with song names needs an Oscar for this one. Nafta & Ennea’s Deep House original “Kookaburra” creates a blissful atmosphere with wild bird sounds, smooth melodies and a bass-centric beat. Out now on Nuevadeep, the track release includes two stellar remixes: one by Chris Domingo & Miss T and the other by PhuturePhil.

Nafta & Ennea – Kookaburra

Those late night vibes are calling as Nafta & Ennea craft “Kookaburra” into a Deep House bedroom affair with sultry melodies and banging bass. The quiet piano motif pans across your headphones much like a bird flying around you, creating a beautiful atmosphere as you lose yourself in the nearly 7-minute track.

Nafta & Ennea – Kookaburra (Chris Domingo & Miss T Remix)

Chris Domingo & Miss T up the pace and bring the track out to the dance floor with an awesome melody. Powerful mids pump this remix into another dimension making your head bob and feet shuffle. Grab your friends, turn off the lights and dance away to this House beater.

Nafta & Ennea – Kookaburra (PhuturePhil Remix)

After his stellar remix of J-Sevilla’s “Octupus” the Houston native is back with another seven minutes of heaven in his take on “Kookaburra.” How much more ethereal can you get with this buildup? Deep synth chords slowly build as a melody of light synths sprinkle and dash across the highs much like the synthesizers out of Eric Prydz’s “Opus.” Techno chords take over the melody moving the track at a quicker pace than the other two, making this a perfect time to get off the plush couches at your local club, ask someone to dance and let the night drift on.

Each track, whether it be the original or one of the remixes are great additions to any House or Techno playlist and perfect for your mid-week throwdowns. Make sure to grab these tunes from Beatport now and check out all the artists on their social media channels. Be sure to check back with Only The Beat for the latest in song and event reviews and comment below with what you think of the tracks.

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