Noizu is a name that has been on my radar since last year when he dropped his ‘Jungle' EP on Tchami's Confession label. Since then the underground house superstar has dropped heater after heater including his newest track ‘Wavey'.

‘Wavey', is a techy house track that carries an infectious groove throughout the entire song. As catchy as the groove is for this track, the vocals are what make this song an absolutely perfect song to party to. “Can't sleep…wake up feeling lazy…..smoke weed….. I roll up feeling wavey, I roll up feeling wavey, I roll up feeling waveyyyyy.

One of the catchiest tracks I've heard in a long-time, Noizu's ‘Wavey' is a song that'll be a staple in all my pregame routines.Get Waveyyyyy below and check out our EDM Pregame playlist as well..this song is square on the top!