“This isn’t EDM blah blah blah.” Hopefully there are enough contests with prizes involving playing Nintendo with DJs that you’ll forgive us for this one, not to mention the fact that Super Smash is a beloved and classic game that millions kids grew up on.

Nintendo announced today during its annual Nintendo Direct conference that a new Super Smash Bros. would be coming out on the Switch, and it would be coming out this year. Clearly the game has been in development for a while already if they’re making that announcement, as we couldn’t be more stoked.

The reveal came as a bit a troll during an apparent promo for Splatoon 2. All a sudden the screen darkened and the Smash logo burst forth in blazing fire. Talk about suspenseful…

Whenever this game comes out, we can’t wait to get our hands on – and you’ll probably see it in a bunch venue green room’s soon after, as well. Check out the teaser trailer below.