Nicolar Jaar’s Other People has released a new compilation of “times” for everyday use. They are designed for cooking, meditation, running, walking, sleeping or anything. The eight-track compilation features Laraaji, Lucrecia Dalt, Ana Quiroga, Sary Moussa, Will Epstein, Aho Ssan and Marzio Zorio, and Nicolás Jaar.

"I made the 20-minute timer initially for myself so that I didn’t have to use my phone alarm when I meditated. Then I shared it with some friends and they liked it so I thought it would be nice to ask other artists to make short songs that prepare people for moments of silence. I imagine these could be used as timers for anything: cooking, running, taking a short nap, etc," says Jaar. "I hope they’re useful in these loud times."

The compilation, Caves, is pay-as-you-want and all proceeds will go to the Dongyu Gatsal Ling Nunnery, a space in India where young girls and women go for spiritual and academic enrichment.

The compilation is available now on Bandcamp. Each of the timers are between 10 and 30 minutes long where it is silence, surrounded by music at the beginning and end of the composition.