Swiss based singer, Nico Molaschi is joining the influx of European pop sensations, with his latest release titled “High On Your Love.” This fun track is the product of a failed attempt at love, where Nico finds himself hoping for an imaginary love story to come true. His smooth vocals , paired with the song’s catchy beat will have you dancing all summer long. We’ve all had crushes on someone that’s way out of our league, where the ignited feelings have caused us so much trouble while trying to move on. Well, it’s safe to say that Nico can definitely relate.

Having the opportunity of traveling the world, Nico has experienced different cultures, which has helped him develop this mixture of ideas that he unleashes into his songs. While mixing a myriad of genres, the singer creates different hooks that keeps his audience coming back for more. “High On Your Love” is one of the singer’s many beautiful tracks that he had released in the past. And although his work is evolving, Nico is remaining grounded to his principles, as well as his style. His easy going persona, and the fun character he has in his songs is making him gain many admirers, and the best is yet to come.

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