As he gears up to release yet another captivating production, Nicholas Gunn continues to prove why his name is one to follow closely, building a momentum that shows no signs of slowing down, the artist keeps climbing higher on the list of innovative Producers on the Electronic Music scene today. His upcoming release, ‘My Life’, a mesmerising Trance track produced in collaboration with Producer Dave Neven and vocalist Alina Renae, is a powerful reminder of his impressive talents and innovative creativity. 

Having had an already long-standing career within music, Nicholas Gunn continues to enthral listeners with a production style that is both mature and innovative; supported by his deep passion for his craft, Nicholas Gunn has worked to curate a distinctive signature sound that displays his eclectic range of musical experiences, delivering productions that are unique in sound and diverse in genre exploration.

As he marries elements from the Chill House, Ambient, and Trance genres, Nicholas Gunn presents surprising sonic experiences, guiding listeners through intricately layered soundscapes, moving vocal lines and inspiring melodies. His expert skills have led him to work with several high-profile names within the Electronic Music realm including Andrew Rayel, Armin van Buuren and Sam Martin, to name a few and now, as he moves into new creative territories as owner of his label Blue Dot Music, Nicholas Gunn takes his enthusiasm for Electronic Music further to emerge as a significant force within the genre. 

As he teases fans with this new track, Nicholas Gunn promises to bring an uplifting energetic and euphoric experience to his listeners; a production that showcases the Producer’s signature powerful style, ‘My Life’ is a sonically detailed soundscape that delivers an ethereal, atmospheric vibe whilst building to add new layers of punchy and intense sound. A must-listen for all fans of Electronic Music, Nicholas Gunn’s new track is sure to capture the attention of genre enthusiasts around the globe. ‘My Life’ will be released on the 1st of September via Blue Dot Music. 

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