Frequent collaborators  and  are the cutting edge  dolin out poppy, buoyant dance music to the masses. Their first collaboration, “,” was received as a charming ballad which left both fans and critics yearning for more.

Now the two confectionary producers teamed up once again, but this time in the attempt to bring in a completely new canon to their candy-pop style EDM. That’s right, “There X2” ventures into the realm punk-rock with its emo-affected vocals meldedonto the pair’s party bass elements. Bright arpeggios, toy box synths, and reverb bass mark the track, bringing a hopeful appeal to a genre that is typically known for fast-paced, hard-edged melodies and stripped-down instrumentation.

Given Marshmello’s last single, “,” where the producer debuted his own singing, perhaps this new merging sounds shouldn’t have been unexpected.