Florida based DJ and Producer, Neovaii is back with his newest LP titled, “Closure” out now. Neovaii's latest LP is his fourth artist album to date and incorporates a wide variety of melodic, energetic and highly danceable tracks. Closure, from start to finish, paints an audible image of Neovaii’s ever expanding imagination expressed through music. At times the album pulls at your heartstrings with melancholic vocals samples and progressions (as with “Feel You”), and at others, the vibe is laid back and uplifting (as with “I Remember”). Drawing influence from myriad musical styles, Neovaii displays his sheer versatility with Closure, and with each track possessing its own unique qualities, listeners will be hard pressed to pick favorites.

Neovaii is an artist from the United States known for his melodic sound that blends elements of pop, trap and future bass. Finding his passion for music at a very young age, Neovaii has previously worked in genres spanning from Alternative Rock to Pop. He eventually unearthed his true destiny in the Electronic Music scene. Since, his work with various electronic groups, ranging from Dubstep to Trap, has been featured on Billboard Heatseekers charts, Next Big Sound charts, and many others. As Neovaii, his works have garnered the support of the likes of Trap Nation, Trap Music, Trap City, Chill Nation, Nightblue Music, and countless others. With tens of millions of streams across all platforms, his meteoric rise is irrefutable.

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