Narcsus Prye is a songwriter and producer based in south-east London. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Narcsus Prye began playing piano and trombone at an early age and, as a young teenager, started taking music and composition seriously. The upcoming musician's style is an slick combination of genres: mixing electronic, alternative, dance and experimental influences into one cohesive sound branded together smoothly. Check out his powerful new single “Future Cities” featuring T.A.E after the jump, be sure to check out the quote from him on the record as well.

“T.A.E is someone that I actually started working with in 2015. He's a bit of a musical polymath (drummer, composer, arranger, conductor to name a few) and I actually heard him writing/recording the guide vocs for a project in which he plays the drums. I was like ‘who's this?' and next thing I'm asking him to record some vocals as I liked his voice so much. I wanted a bigger blend of vocs on the final track so I added a few more backing vocals in alongside him.” – Narcsus Prye