‘Lately', the new single by N8N is a soulful radio-friendly pop track inspired by the legendary guitar playing of Nile Rodgers from Chic and the funky basslines from Jamiroquai's Stuart Zender. With its catchy chorus and spirited lyrics, Lately tells the story of a one-night stand that buckles under the pressure of trying to be something more.

‘I'm gonna miss your body but not energy’ says N8N. The song was written and performed by N8N and South African musician Nicholas Williams. Recorded at his Studio 220 in Antwerp. The track was co-produced by Graham Ward (Tom Jones's ex-drummer). Lately finds N8N at his funky best, ready for those summer airwaves. N8N and his band have performed the opening act for Chic and Nathan got to see Nile Rodgers live at work near the old Studio 54 grounds in New York.

Furthermore, the legendary Mr. Rodgers has personally asked N8N to DJ at his birthday party. Could a future collaboration be in the works? One can only hope. For now, N8N is focusing on his new album set for release after the summer.