Cryptocurrency is taking over — and the music industry is continuously finding ways to take advantage the craze!

Elements Lakewood Music & Arts Festival, featuring Rezz, Claude von Stroke, Troyboi and more, has become one the very first to accept crypto payments in exchange for tickets. The fest isĀ embracing the cryptocurrency phenomenon by allowing its attendees to purchase Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

This is the perfect solution for music lovers currently invested in the crypto market, especially for those who might not have any extra “real” money to spare on festival tickets. It’s an even better move for the music festival itself, which will surely be able to make some money moves with all the crypto-based ticket sales.

“We’re now accepting cryptocurrency payments! For orders over $200 USD,” Elements proudly states on its website.

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Elements Lakewood Lineup 2018

Music Festival Featuring Rezz, Troyboi, And More Will Accept Cryptocurrency For Tickets