In this weeks edition wookery we have a hot take out Florida. The land where ridiculous police reports are an hourly occurrence. We learned about this story from the St. Lucie County Sheriffs Office who posted pictures and a story a young wook who seemed to have lost his way on his travels to Okeechobee Music Festival and committed at least one accidental felony.

The gentleman below was charged when he broke into a house while it's occupant was in the shower. Obviously the homeowner freaked out a bit finding a random wook among their dwelling. The unexplained burglar then fled on foot and was soon captured by law enforcement. In his possession he had a decent amount cocaine and a lot liquid and blotter LSD. Instead heading to Okee, he ended up with about 5 felonies and a bond over $70K. There is still no actual explanation what drove him to break into the home.

If you are going to wook, do so responsibly folks. Festival season is among us. I say if you live in vicinity to a local festival, leave a small wook fering on the front porch. Maybe a line K or a small crystal wrap to help persuade the wooks not to enter your home.