Murphy Cooper Releases His New Innovative 'Wild Particles' EP

Murphy Cooper – Wild Particles EP

Murphy Cooper has an underground sound that is in need some large-scale limelight. His steady string releases all feature his iconic textures and chord progressions paired with thunderous techno percussions. His latest release is the Wild Particles EP which boasts three different cinematic movements, each representing three different moods.

Wild Particles I‘ is a lush soundscape that comes alive with clever uses ambiance. As the track builds, large blasting synths begin to build behind the pads and atmospheres. When the beat finally kicks into full effect, the wall sound stands in stark contrast to the track’s peaceful intro.

Wild Particles II‘ has that same style atmospheres as the first but draws upon different emotional states. The laid-back percussions in this track conjure more dark and somber images.

The final track the EP, ‘Wild Particles III,’ is almost entirely soundscapes. A constant shifting sonic environment slow-moving drones and melodies. It is a perfect culmination an end to this work art. Check out the stream below.

Murphy Cooper – Wild Particles EP