Good Afternoon Dance Music Fans! Thanks so much for checking back in for yet another killer night of new dance music. We always love featuring awesome up and coming talents and showing you the GREATEST new music.

Today we are featuring a brand new artist to the scene going by the name of MorningMaxwell who has just released a very killer EP featuring incredible lyrics from Velvet Bloom. The first record titled Lost my Love is a chilled out, lower BPM, lyrically driven record that pulls out a totally fresh pop sound while keeping it deep enough for club play. We can absolutely see this being featured on the circuit this Summer.

The second track, like the first, is a deeply chilled out record, but with a much darker and ghostly vibe that really screams warm weather, long drives, and sleepless nights. This late night track titled, Slow it Down, featuring Philosophia and Joey Coco really shows off an off-beat vibe while freshly taking on a new perspective in the dance music world, something we rarely see these days.

MorningMaxwell has really come out of the gates hot with this EP and isn't showing any signs of slowing down. The pure production talent driving behind these couple of records really puts him on pace to become a taste maker this Summer. Take a listen below and let us know what you think in the comments below!