Monolink has released his sophomore album Under Darkened Skies. Since breaking out with his EP in 2015 The End and then his debut album in 2018 Amniotic, he has become a key player of the world of Burner / Tulum-styled indie electronic music.

Combining long, progressive and mellow beats with his airy vocals, he fits a niche that works for dancing in the sand, but also allows for at-home listening. The new album Under Darkened Skies doesn’t divert too far from the formula with the hazy, mellow indie electronic sound fans have come to know from Monolink.

There are a few darker and clubbier tunes like “Don’t Hold Back” and “Under Dark” in case it is nightfall and he really needs to get a crowd to move. That sonic diversity was something he wanted to convey with this record.

Under Darkening Skies is an album that’s connecting different dots in my life, representing phases or moments I went through. I wanted to go back to writing actual songs again instead of adding vocals to a beat, which gave me the freedom to express more musical facets of myself," says Monolink in a statement. "Eventually it became the most diverse record I have made so far, influenced by a time of global social and economic uncertainty at an ever increasing tempo of change. Like a dark cloud approaching.”

Pick up the album now and listen wherever you do that here.