Germany’s own Monolink has announced that his album Amniotic will be released April 20th Embassy One. The artist, also known as Steffen Linck, is known for his innovation in the German techno scene, so this full-length album his work is sure to be a highlight 2018 on the music front. The multifaceted producer and instrumentalist has left us wanting more after his latest single “Sirens” took the world by fire back in December.

Monolink has this to say about the album:

“Amniotic” has a tremendous connection to life and nature, as much the lyrics take inspiration from them.

“When you have gigs all over the world, your life takes place at airports, in cars or hotel rooms. I have noticed more and more ten how I enjoy getting away from society, out the cities and into nature; and that’s very much reflected in this album.”

The album will be released Embassy One and it is sure to be a smashing piece work.