Modeselektor has released a new mixtape, Extended, that is a whirlwind ride of 27 songs in 64 minutes over a continuous mix. The project comes with two features alongside Paul St. Hilaire and Jackson & His Computer Band. It is also supported by a 60-minutes-long-film by US-dancer Corey Scott-Gilbert who moves to the music in the project.

The mixtape covers a lot of ground sonically. It was created over the course of 2020 when the German producer pair had time to create new music and dust off old demos to craft this larger project, Extended. Somehow, someway this all mends together into a mixtape that flows together rather seamlessly with the gritty techno on “Mean” or something atmospheric and slower with “Movement,” or even the ode to 80’s synthwave with “Rainy.” The final two tracks, “Lockdown” and “Devotion ISsSuch A Strong Word” lean into the anxiety of the past year, while embracing the beauty of what music can do in a situation like this.

Pick up your copy of Extended here and listen to it below. Physical copies in tape and CD will be available on April 23.