A New York Times article about the ongoing US congressional investigation into the dealings of President Donald Trump and Deutsche Bank includes a surprising detail: Moby played a role in the investigation.

Moby has been a vocal Trump critic, and revealed he once brushed his penis on the future president at a party in 2001 in his latest memoir Then It Fell Apart. Now it seems he’s played a more formal role in getting at Trump, according to these new revelations.

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Reporter David Enrich says that Moby met Val Broeksmit, the adopted son of the late Deutsche Bank senior executive William Broeksmit who committed suicide in 2014 and was reported to have feared being scrutinised in the government’s Deutsche Bank investigation, at a party in Los Angeles earlier this year. Val Broeksmit claimed to have documents from his father’s computer relating to dealing with Trump and alleged money laundering dealings with Russian oligarchs.

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Moby is a friend of Californian congressman Adam Schiff, a regular at Moby’s vegan restaurant and chairman of the House Intelligence Committee who is leading the investigation into Trump and Deutsche Bank. He introduced Val Brokesmit to Congressman Schiff, and Brokesmit is now an FBI witness in the case who has been subpoenaed by Congress for his documents.

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