Following the massive success of his deep house track “Time”, Texas based producer MKJ has released his Time After Time EP.  He’s teamed up with vocalist Evangelia to create a catchy but unique lineup of songs. The EP opens with the track that helped launched MKJ’s career: “Time” – an instrumental that blew up in China in 2015. The track’s smooth, deep house melodies and house beat is enhanced by Evangelia’s vocals. MKJ’s Time After Time EP offers a solid mix of Dance-Pop hits like “Time” and more niche house tracks like “New Dance”, which showcase a unique style of house production with an almost movie-like quality. With MKJ’s unforgettable remix of Evangelia’s single “Cold”, he breathes new energy into a song that is deeply important to his collaborator, “Cold is the first song I ever released as an artist and it is a special one.  It is about being there for those you care about.”…”It gives the listener a warm feeling–especially with MKJ’s remix that transports you to a tropical island” said Evangelia regarding their collaboration. The singer-songwriter’s praise for MKJ’s work shows the appreciation the two have for each other’s craft. Check out MKJ's Time After Time EP below now!