Producers: thanks to the award-winning Mixed In Key Studio Edition, you're now able to instantly analyse sounds and samples inside a DAW.

The new and improved algorithm cleverly finds the exact key of samples or MIDI Instrument Audio automatically and in real-time. Not just that, the new plugin also offers detailed notation date of the selected sounds in addition to its capacity to identify the root key.

Mixed In Key's fine precision can be achieved across the entire nature of your library, whether that's acapellas, splice samples or self-written melodies.

Mixed in Key Studio Edition facilitates mash-ups and re-edits of vocals as the program provides the right key to pitch to correction plugins, such as Melodyne or Autotune, speeding up the tuning process of your acapellas and recordings.

The tool’s new features of key detection also expands its analyses to drum-tuning. The program allows producers to know the exact key and pitch of drum sounds and percussion, securing all sounds in perfect harmony. The innovative ability to be used within a DAW means that the pitch can be changed by a few cents or semi-tones.

If you're finding it a struggle to prep for a DJ set, the Studio Edition is on hand to help you plan ahead. It does this by giving you the option to view sample analysis by Flats, Sharps or Camelot wheel notation.

Put simply, Mixed In Key Studio Edition - usable on any audio source ( VST/AU plugin) - is a groundbreaking all-rounder to help you create those flawless productions and DJ mixes.

It's an absolute steal at $58 and can be used on Mac OS and Windows. It's also officially supported for Ableton Live, FL Studio and Apple Logic.

Buy it here and watch the promo video below.

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