MitiS drops the first single, By My Side featuring Tedy, from his upcoming album Til The End. The new album will be out on Seeking Blue Records on March 23. The new album is something that was birthed out tragedy. By that I mean MitiS had a full album in the works when his hard drive crashed without a backup. But rather than crawl into a hole and dying, the determined producer fought back and created an even better album. MitiS was quoted on saying the following.

By My Side is the first glimpse into the new album and I will be shocked if you do not pre-order the album immediately after listening. The st into is led in by the classical piano you may have become accustomed to from Mitis. Just when you think the tone is set the vocals come in with the soul that I have not felt since the first time I heard Sam Smith’s Stay With Me. The fusion Tedy’s voice and melody provided by MitiS is straight up out this world. Once you put the future bass staccato synths, or Transformer synths as I like to call them, on top that you end up with the best song released, so far this year, in my humble opinion.

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