UK Drum and Bass producer Mistabishi went on a racist tirade the other week. He attempted to explain that all recent crime in the UK was due to an influx migrants. Then he got carried away and started throwing out racial slurs. In one the weirdest moves literally ALL TIME, he took to his Facebook page to make the most half assed, pathetic apology maybe ever. By the end this just becomes justification rather than any sort apology.

In this bizarre pseudo apology Mistabishi claims to have PTSD from migrants moving to the UK. By no means are we trying to disparage anyone who is suffering from PTSD, but this truly sounds like a load BS. He further doubles down on the fact that migrants are the root evil in London's crime wave. His attempt to hide racist views behind a geopolitical discussion is about as convincing as Clark Kent's glasses. Check out his attempt below.

Mistabishi Makes The Most Pathetic Apology Of All Time For Racist Remarks