German producer Minor Science has announced the release of his debut album ‘Second Language’ on April 3 Whities.

The album takes translation and linguistic comprehension as its theme, exploring the relationships between acquired languages and a mother tongue. As a result, the album is idiosyncratically disjointed, conveying meaning in roundabout ways but always packing a punch.

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The LP’s cover shows a German translation of a Samuel Beckett quote, originally in French: “Parce que c’est plus facile d’écrire sans style”, or “because it’s easier to write without style”.

Whities is a renowned eclectic techno label based in London, and has recently released EPs from Happa, Neinzer and Forest Drive West.

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Ahead of the album’s release, Minor Science has released lead single ‘Blue Deal’, a scattered and erratic techno offering that takes you along through its meanders and sidetracks to finally communicate a great well of emotional depth.

Listen to ‘Blue Deal’ on Bandcamp here, where you can also preorder the album.

Photo by Cecilia Corsano Leopizzi

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Minor Science announces debut album
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