A collaboration from two talented producers that spans the Atlantic, LA-based producer Mild Minds and UK producer Frameworks have just dropped the new single "NO SKIN." The track builds from a stunning arpeggio that continues throughout the piece as vocals and synth layers develop. It’s a track that blends organic and electronic elements, capturing a strong groove within an ambient context.

Released via ODESZA’s new label Foreign Family Collective - the new single from Mild Minds forebodes the Grammy Award-nominated artists return to touring this summer. Having remixed the likes of Jacques Greene, Laurence Guy and DJ Boring - Mild Minds (Real name Benjamin David) is cementing his place as one of the most talented names in the underground electronic scene. Speaking on the new single, David states:

“Lyrically, ‘NO SKIN’ is about always being on the run and having no skin in the game,” Benjamin David (Mild Minds) explains. “I knew a person in my life that I met who always moved from town to town, from one friend group to another, constantly making mistakes and then up and leaving with no ties to her old self. Kind of like 'nobody can hurt you', because you’re always leaving them'; there's something tender and sad about that."

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