(Photo courtesy Mija's Facebook page)

Amber Giles, a.k.a. Mija, is a DJ and producer like no other. First making waves in the scene in 2014 with mentor Skrillex, Mija has gone on to do amazing things. From producing numerous singles, touring with artists like Anna Lunoe, going b2b with Dirtybird favorites like Billy Kenny, headling her own incredibly successful fk a genre tour in 2015 to her ‘made my mija' fashion line in 2016, Mija has just about done it all. She even released a four track soundtrack for her short film; Time Stops.  Everything except for releasing her own EP, which she now has checked f the list.

In a revealing instagram post, the artist announced the release her 7 track EP, HOW TO MEASURE THE DISTANCE BETWEEN LOVERS.

Bellow is the full EP on Souncloud. The EP is also available here on Spotify.

The EP features a lot downtempo tracks, which sounds true to Mija's overall vibe. The producer is notorious for including extended instrumental features in her live sets and in a number her mixes. Here's one our favorites mixes her's on Claude VonStroke‘s: The Birdhouse.

The introductory track, Notice Me, has a very catchy and unexplainably emotional piano riff. With southing vocals, the track sets a lovey and heartbreaking tone for the rest the EP.

The middle five tracks the EP blend together well to tell a story drama, love and loss. None the tracks really stand on their own, but together complete an almost mix like feel.

The last track, The Last Song I Ever Wrote U, ends the EP on a hopeful note that the heartbreak is over, which the artist alluded to her in her revealing instagram post. Mija is ready to watch this EP burn, and she is done being sad. We now have this EP in our hands to listen to on our emo days, driving around aimlessly blasting from our car speakers or through our headphones walking in the rain. Thank you, Mija.

Like what you hear? Lucky for you, Mija is currently on her Never B Alone tour. Check the listings to see if she's coming to a city near you. Make sure to follow her on social media to keep up to date with all things (made by) Mija.