Midnight Pool Party recently dropped their Motions EP and the Aussie duo really impressed me. Sticking to their funky disco infused electronic sound, the new five-track-release features two new infectious singles on top of the three feel good tunes (“With You“, “Slow Down” and “Stand a Chance“) that had dropped prior. Read a quote from the group on the EP below and under that stream their new project, Motions!

“There is big gap since our last EP as we wanted to write, produce and mix the next one ourselves. And since it was the first time showcasing ourselves as full rounded songwriters and producers, we didn't want to rush it.Keeping with the theme of “Motion”, all tracks on the EP take you on a journey from the moment you press play. We wanted to create an experience for the listener so we experimented with different sounds so you can feel each section of every track evolve and change all the way to the end of the song.’ –Midnight Pool Party