Ultra Chief Security Ray Martinez has already held a press conference earlier this month announcing that Ultra Music Festival will be stepping up security for the duration the festival. Now, the Miami Police Department itself has held a similar press conference addressing concerns about shooters in the nearby high-rise buildings.

Situated in a location similar to that Route 91 Harvest during the mass shooting last October, Ultra Music Festival finds itself overlooked by many buildings with vantage points necessary for such a similar attack.

Fortunately, MPD has learned from that tragedy and has organized itself to be ready to respond immediately if such a thing happens again. It’s incredibly difficult to prevent something like that again on such a large scale and covering so much area, but at least they’ve shown they are putting all available resources to the matter.

According to Miami New Times, “the audience was shown a view the skyscrapers surrounding Bayfront Park, and each tower was assigned a number. Officers will use the numbers to quickly identify where a hypothetical gunman could be posted in the event a shooting. SWAT teams will also be present during the event.”

Barriers around the festival will be Formula E racing fences, rated for high-endurance against collisions from oncoming vehicles. The festival will also enforce a “clear-bag policy,” in order to prevent drugs or firearms from entering the festival grounds. Amnesty boxes will also be provided for attendees to hand over any illicit materials to the police without further questioning.

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Ultra Music Festival goes down in two weeks!



Miami New Times | Photo Rukes.com