On June 20, Mexican label NAAFI will put out an EP from New York-based artist Debit, which deconstructs tribal guarachero music, combining it with elements of techno and industrial music.

'SYSTEM' focuses on the timbres and harmonics of the triplet-driven beats, eschewing the high-pitched melody lines and 'prehispanic' samples often featured in tribal guarachero.

According to the press release, the EP is also "derived from Debit’s close reading of Tzotzil (a Mayan tongue) language books, wherein the world is broken down into categories in aid of translating cosmovisions."

As a result, the project "asks us to look at typically assimilated and unquestioned social phenomena, such as the alphabet or numbers, from a structuralist perspective, and to go beyond our accepted realities."

Features on the project come from Javier Estrada and Teklife's DJ Earl.

Mexican artist and designer Victor Barragán created the cover art, which you can check out below.

'SYSTEM' will be released NAAFI on June 20. You can pre-order it on Bandcamp now.

Mexican artist Debit marries tribal guarachero with techno and industrial on new EP

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