23-year-old rising producer metsä returns to the scene of emerging indie-electronic market with a new single called “All Night” featuring Lolaby, and “Like To Know,” the two part lead single to his forthcoming EP. Inspired by the physical world around him, metsä manifests nature and experience through the medium of musical production. Born Maxwell Prendergast, the name metsä is the Finnish translation for forest, an ode to his outdoorsy upbringing.  Check out a quote from the rising act below and under that stream his two new singles! Enjoy and TGIF.

“All Night is a chilled out yet danceable track with earworm lyrics and creative synthwork. Lolaby and I wrote this song when we first met in LA back in 2017, we knew we had created something worth holding onto after finalizing it. So when RAC + Goldroom approached me two years later to release music under their new label Minerva, I had the perfect track.” – metsä