Metronomy and band mate Oscar Cash have released a new album, ‘Oscar Cash Forever’, Because Music.

The new project was announced on Monday April 6 the band’s Instagram as they went live to do their weekly MTV (Metronomy TV) broadcast.

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‘Oscar Cash Forever’ is a collection of tracks created by Metronomy bandmate Oscar Cash. It’s inspired by Metronomy’s 2019 album ‘Metronomy Forever’, and is getting its first digital release. It was originally released as a surprise bonus vinyl in the deluxe vinyl edition of ‘Metronomy Forever’.

In the press release, Metronomy frontman Joe Mount said, “Oscar Cash could be the artist of his generation. I just wish he’d just put out more of his own music. I hope that this gives him some confidence and that one day we will all hear a proper album from Oscar. For now, ‘Oscar Cash Forever’ is all we have, and I love it.”

Listen to the album here.

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