MELT Festival closing represents a worrying trend in the wider industry

This summer, the iconic MELT Festival will hold its final edition from July 11 to 13, 2024. Known for its eclectic lineups and vibrant cultural atmosphere, MELT has been a mainstay in the European festival scene for over two decades. However, this beloved event will not continue beyond this year.

The decision to end MELT Festival highlights broader challenges facing music festivals across Europe. “Despite our efforts, we can no longer maintain MELT’s original essence in today’s evolving festival landscape,” explained Florian Czok, Director of MELT Festival. “It’s time to seek new directions and allow room for innovative ideas.”

MELT Festival’s journey began in 1997 and it found a permanent home in Ferropolis in 1999. Over the years, it has garnered international acclaim, attracting a global audience and winning numerous awards, including “Best Festival” and “Artist’s Favourite European Festival.” The final edition will feature performances from artists such as Sampha, James Blake, Sugababes, and DJ Koze, promising a memorable farewell. However, the closure of MELT is not an isolated incident. The UK has seen a spate of festival cancellations, including El Dorado, Pennfest, Nass, and Splendour. It’s a worrying trend, and though each festival will give differing reasons as to why they have closed the curtains, we can all take an educated guess that the core reason is financial..

“The speed of festival casualties in 2024 shows no sign of slowing,” says AIF CEO John Rostron. “We are witnessing the steady erosion of one of the UK’s most successful and culturally significant industries not because of a lack of demand from the public but because of unpredictable, unsustainable supply chain costs and market fluctuations.”

As the festival industry grapples with these pressures, the end of MELT Festival serves as a stark reminder of the difficulties faced by many beloved events. Often, festivals rent the land and pressure from property developers leads these landlords, to take the route of property, offices or other “safer” investments. In other cases, the government (Ugh-hum.. The UK Government) charges unaffordable rates on everything a festival needs, that’s before you even get to the dire lack of help provided through the Covid pandemic.

Fans are encouraged to join the final celebration and relive the magic one last time.

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