Dropping some of his best music to date, Mel Ody isn’t letting anything stop him this year. Shortly after covering the classic “Feeling Good” with the help of Canadian talent Arielle Minx, the forward-thinking producer is back with an explosive gem, once again crafting epic and cinematic vibes with “Shelter.” 

Out via Future Bass Records, “Shelter” sets the foundation of what’s about to follow very early; energetic vocals and captivating atmospheres are immediately present in the tune, while the energy builds up quickly. The drop ultimately explodes into a cataclysm of epic sound design and playful arpeggios that interact with hard-hitting drums masterfully, as Mel Ody showcases his production skills by giving everything its proper space and time to shine within the chaos. 

“With ‘Shelter’ I wanted to create a fierce, yet sad and kind of romantic song. The feeling of being sheltered yet trying to escape from it and breathe one more time. The story is about an unconditional love without a happy ending. ‘Shelter’ is a mix of electronic and orchestral influences; starting off with a wide atmosphere under a stunning female vocal, followed by majestic choirs and an explosive drop, that I think encapsulate that energy perfectly”Mel Ody

Find “Shelter” on Spotify below!