PreSonus Audio Electronics, Inc. has launched an exciting new line of Quantum Audio Interfaces.

These USB-C interfaces, co-developed with Fender, boast high-quality, low-noise converters, front-facing instrument inputs, and four distinct models: Quantum ES 2, ES 4, HD 2, and HD 8. Designed to enhance your digital audio workstation (DAW) experience, these interfaces offer features like Auto Gain, Loopback, Reamping (HD series only), and Universal Control software.

The new Quantum line represents the pinnacle of PreSonus’ 30 years of engineering expertise, ensuring the highest audio quality for creators at every level.

The Quantum Audio Interfaces are packed with features tailored for both novice and professional audio creators. Each model comes equipped with the next-generation PreSonus MAX-HD mic preamps, providing unparalleled transparency and accuracy with up to +75 dB of gain. This ensures that every recording captures the full dynamic range of your audio source, free from unwanted noise.

Quantum ES Series: Compact Powerhouses

The Quantum ES 2 and ES 4 models are perfect for creators who need high-quality audio in a compact form factor.

Quantum ES 2: This 2×2, 24-bit/192 kHz USB-C interface offers two balanced ¼-inch TRS main outputs and a high-power headphone output, ensuring flexible monitoring options. With zero-latency monitoring via the Universal Control application and six months of access to Studio One+, this model is perfect for solo artists and small recording setups.

Quantum ES 4: Building on the ES 2, this 4×4 interface adds two more balanced ¼-inch TRS line outputs and an additional high-power headphone output. It also includes speaker switching capabilities, allowing users to check mixes on two different speaker sets for enhanced accuracy. Like the ES 2, it includes six months of Studio One+.

Quantum HD Series: Professional Performance

For those requiring more advanced features, the Quantum HD series delivers.

Quantum HD 2: This 20×24, 32-bit/192 kHz USB-C interface features high-performance converters with a 124 dB dynamic range, two MAX-HD preamps, and two re-amp outputs. This seamless integration with outboard gear allows users to experiment with different amps and effects without multiple takes. The HD 2 also offers 16 channels of ADAT Optical input and stereo S/PDIF I/O, along with 12 months of Studio One+ Hybrid access.

Quantum HD 8: This 26×30, 32-bit/192 kHz interface’s flagship model includes eight MAX-HD preamps and two re-amp outputs, with the same high-performance converters as the HD 2. Additionally, it supports ADAT standalone mode, allowing users to connect up to two additional Quantum HD 8 units for a total of 24 mic pres. With 12 months of Studio One+ Hybrid, the HD 8 provides an unmatched recording and mixing experience.

Each Quantum interface integrates seamlessly with PreSonus’ Studio One software. This integration allows users to benefit from custom templates and control their hardware directly from their DAW. The Quantum ES models come with six months of Studio One+, while the Quantum HD models include 12 months of Studio One+ Hybrid. Studio One+ offers a powerful music creation ecosystem, including unlimited access to music production software, exclusive content, and gigabytes of extras.

Advanced Features for Enhanced Workflow

Auto Gain: Automatically sets the perfect gain level for microphones and instruments, ensuring optimal recording levels.

Loopback Audio: Simplifies the creation of monitor and streaming mixes, making it easy to record and broadcast simultaneously.

Reamping (HD series only): Send audio directly from your DAW to outboard gear and record it again, allowing for endless sound sculpting possibilities.

Universal Control: Manage routing functions and critical preamp settings like gain and phantom power from any mobile or desktop device, providing complete control over your recording environment.


What are the main differences between the Quantum ES and HD series?

The Quantum ES series is designed for smaller setups, offering 2×2 and 4×4 configurations, while the Quantum HD series caters to more advanced needs with 20×24 and 26×30 configurations, higher dynamic range, and additional re-amp outputs.

How does Auto Gain work?

Auto Gain automatically adjusts the gain levels for your microphones and instruments, ensuring you achieve the perfect recording level without manual adjustments.

Can I use Quantum interfaces with any DAW?

Yes, Quantum interfaces are compatible with any DAW, though they are optimized for seamless integration with PreSonus Studio One.

What is Studio One+ Hybrid?

Studio One+ Hybrid is a comprehensive music creation ecosystem that includes unlimited access to music production software, exclusive content, and gigabytes of additional resources, available with the Quantum HD models.


The new line of PreSonus Quantum Audio Interfaces offers unparalleled audio quality and innovative features, making them the ideal choice for musicians, producers, and audio engineers. Whether you’re working in a small home studio or a professional recording environment, there’s a Quantum interface designed to meet your needs. With seamless integration with Studio One and advanced features like Auto Gain, Loopback, and Reamping, the Quantum series sets a new standard in audio interfaces.

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