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Immersed in progressive genres, Andre Moret has found a space in Progressive House to fulfill the mission that brought him to the world of electronic music: to tell stories through sound, making people feel complete and pulsating with emotions as they dance. This goal has been achieved with great mastery, enchanting listeners with his hypnotic melodies and spacey ambiences, even attracting the attention of big names in the scene such as Hernan Cattaneo, Sébastien Léger and John Digweed.

Appearing in clubs such as CAOS, D-Edge and many others across Brazil, Andre Moret has been winning over his country’s audiences not only through the booths, but also through his productions, which have initially been on labels such as Balkan Connection, Freegrant Music, Fluxo and a series of other releases that have helped to build a solid and inspiring musical identity within Progressive House.

In the last year, Moret has been flying even higher, touring Argentina, Colombia, and Uruguay, achieving top positions in the Beatport charts with his releases on The Soundgarden, Plattenbank, and Univack. He also has a close relationship with Transensations Records, the label run by Gorkiz and Pedrada, which is now receiving another of his works.

Rudebox EP

Since the release of the “Waltz of the Dew” EP in 2020, the relationship between producer Andre Moret and Translations has expanded. Over the years, the artist has been evolving his musical identity, and his latest EP for the label, “Rudebox””, brings a nuance closer to House, but without neglecting the hypnotic and deep beat that is his trademark.

The new EP reflects Moret’s continuing evolution and highlights the solid partnership between him and Transensations. This is because as well as marking his return to the label, the release was also developed with Gorkiz, one of the label’s heads and one of the main leaders of the Brazilian progressive scene. The artist is recognized for his work of a high standard and authenticity, which reaches the public through renowned labels such as Mango Alley, Onedotsixtwo, Bloom Rec, Clubsonica Rec and, of course, Transensations, where he is responsible for the careful and recognized curation that fosters the national and international scene.  

The union of Moret and Gorkiz also marks an important moment for the label, inaugurating a new series of releases, Transientes, dedicated to more present artists in the catalog. “Gorkiz and I have always kept in touch to exchange ideas and talk about the movement of the scene. At the end of 2023, we had a common ground when we felt there was a lack of music with a house base, and that’s when we started working on the tracks over three months”, says André.

Rudebox features three productions: the title track, with a progressive feel and spatial synths; “Water Space,” which more evidently appeals to the nuances of House Music, especially through the grooves between the drums, bass, and synths; and “The Hollow,” which completes the EP with a more contemplative tone without neglecting the danceability of the arrangement.


Even before its official release, the “Rudebox EP” has already attracted significant attention and support from giants of the global Progressive House scene. Renowned DJs such as Dj Ruby, Juan Ibanez and, especially, maestro Hernan Cattaneo, have supported Moret and Gorkiz’s work, where one of the tracks was featured on Hernan Cattaneo’s renowned show, “Hernan Resident”, which aired on March 30.

Reinforcing the great moment of his career, Andre Moret is one of the artists to keep an eye on in 2024, which promises to bring even more news directly from the producer’s studios. 

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