Brainworx, a part of Native Instruments, proudly presents the bx_XL V3, an advanced mid/side mastering limiter plugin. This new release promises ultra-loud masters without sacrificing clarity, thanks to its innovative use of mid/side technology, multiband processing, and psychoacoustic maximization. Building on the success of its predecessor, the bx_XL V2, the bx_XL V3 introduces enhanced features such as four stages of limiting, XL saturation, and detailed mastering meters. Designed for mastering engineers seeking precise control over their mixes, the bx_XL V3 ensures superior sound quality and loudness.

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Mid/Side Processing and Multiband Control

The bx_XL V3 leverages the mid/side technology from Brainworx’s renowned bx_digital EQ. This technology allows for detailed manipulation of the mid and side channels, enhancing the clarity and punch of your mixes. The mid-channel is split into two bands—mid-low and mid-high—giving you control over three distinct channels (mid-low, mid-high, and side). This separation enables you to apply different processing to the kick drum and other mid signals, increasing loudness and fewer artifacts.

The Crossover Frequency slider offers flexibility in separating these bands, allowing you to tailor the limiting process to your needs. Once the mid-low, mid-high, and side channels are recombined into a stereo signal, the entire mix undergoes an additional peak limiting stage. This four-stage limiting process ensures that your final mix is loud and crystal clear.

Enhanced Loudness with XL Saturation

One of the standout features of the bx_XL V3 is its XL saturation capability. The XL knobs introduce third and fifth-order harmonics, adding warmth and richness to your mixes. This harmonic content enhances the perceived loudness without significantly increasing the output level, making your music sound fuller and more engaging. A special filtering process prevents aliasing, ensuring that your mixes remain free of unwanted artifacts.

Advanced Mastering Tools

The bx_XL V3 is equipped with a three-band psychoacoustic loudness maximizer and a comprehensive set of mastering meters. These tools allow you to fine-tune your dynamics and loudness control with precision. The detailed meters include true peak, RMS, gain reduction, LUFS, and correlation meters, giving you a clear view of your audio’s performance.

The plugin also features Brainworx’s patented Mono Maker, which ensures that the low frequencies of your mix remain mono, enhancing the overall clarity and punch. Additionally, the sidechain circuit allows for even more creative control over your dynamics processing.

User-Friendly Interface

The bx_XL V3 comes with a resizable UI, making it easy to fit into any workflow. You can choose from 8 different color schemes to customize the plugin’s appearance to your liking. This flexibility ensures that the bx_XL V3 not only performs well but also looks great in your DAW.


  1. What makes the bx_XL V3 different from other mastering limiters? It utilizes mid/side processing and multiband control, allowing for precise manipulation of different parts of your mix. Its XL saturation adds warmth without increasing output levels, and the detailed meters provide comprehensive monitoring.
  2. How does the four-stage limiting process work? The bx_XL V3 splits the mid-channel into two bands (mid-low and mid-high) and processes these along with the side channel. After recombining them into a stereo signal, the mix undergoes a final true peak limiting stage, ensuring loud and clear masters.
  3. Can I customize the appearance of the bx_XL V3? Yes, the plugin features a resizable UI and 8 different color schemes, allowing you to tailor its look to your preferences.
  4. What is XL saturation and how does it benefit my mixes? XL saturation introduces third and fifth-order harmonics to your mix, enhancing perceived loudness and adding warmth. This results in a fuller, richer sound without increasing the output level.
  5. Is the bx_XL V3 suitable for all genres of music? Absolutely. Its versatile features and detailed controls make it suitable for mastering any genre, from electronic dance music to rock and pop.

The bx_XL V3 by Brainworx sets a new standard in mastering limiters with its innovative mid/side processing, multiband control, and XL saturation. Available now for an introductory price of $89.99 through July 8, it offers exceptional value for mastering engineers looking to achieve ultra-loud, clear masters. Explore the full potential of your mixes with the bx_XL V3 and elevate your sound to professional levels.

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