Insomniac Games has shared that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will add a new game plus mode and mission replay options in a post-launch patch.

In a post to X/Twitter, Director of Community and Marketing James Stevenson also advised that those who have opted for the physical version of the game should download the latest update for the game before playing.

Update 1.001.002 “features polish to the gold master version of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 available on disc, which improves the opening sections of the game and includes other general refinements to your Spidey experience, including some additional Accessibility Options”, explained Insomniac Games.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2. Credit: Insomniac Studios.
Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Credit: Insomniac Studios.

Players who have pre-loaded the digital version onto their PS5s will have already have this update added to their copy of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Stevenson did not have a specific date for when players will expect new game plus or mission replay to be introduced to the game. However, to fans who criticised their absence on launch, he replied “game dev isn’t simple, nor easy“.

Speaking to NME about the opportunities he’s had over his career, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 creative director Bryan Intihar shared why he has made a habit of revelling in even the smallest of achievements with his team at Insomniac Games.

“Sometimes it feels like you’re hitting your head against a wall over and over again, and when you finally break through, you should celebrate those victories,” he said.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2. Credit: Insomniac Studios.
Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Credit: Insomniac Studios.

“Ninety per cent of game development can be really tough, but that 10 per cent makes up for it. It carries you through those tougher times.”

NME described Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 as “a new standard for superhero games” in its five-star review of the sequel, praising its ability to balance “blood-pumping action” with “powerful ruminations on grief and rehabilitation” at the same time.

Marvel’s Spider Man 2 will be released for PS5 on October 20.

In other gaming news, Obsidian Entertainment’s studio design director has said that he would make a Pillars Of Eternity 3 as long as it was on a Baldur’s Gate 3 budget.

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