Up and coming New York based producer Martron returns to the scene with his new track, “Fresh Like”. The dark yet chill, melodic inspired vibe is an addictive one that sounds great. The single fiercly drives the heavy trap hip-hop world with festival friendly bass elements raver’s love to hear. Check out the song after the jump and above the stream read a quote Martron, enjoy!

“When I wrote Fresh Like, I thought about the things my friends and I both saw and did on our trip to Thailand. Things like jumping off giant rocks into a beautifully clear body of water, the massive street party we went to on New Years Eve and visiting the Phuket Elephant Sanctuary. All of those things were both new and exciting experiences for me, doing them all helped me really embrace change and do things on my terms while having a good time. Sometimes changing things up and doing things you never thought you would is the best thing for you.”  – Marton