Martin Shkreli is asking to be let out of prison early so he can get to work on a cure for coronavirus.

The millionaire Wu-Tang fan is convinced he can create a cure that works and his lawyers think he has a "compelling" case to be let out early.

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It's being reported that Shkreli claims that he's “been conducting significant research” for a cure for COVID-19 and that he also has asthma and allergies that make him easily susceptible to catching the virus while in prison.

“Mr. Shkreli has spent countless hours while incarcerated researching disease treatments and possible cures for Covid-19... His current project has been well received. One company is prepared to begin working on clinical trials of Mr. Shkreli’s work within weeks," his lawyers have said.

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Shkreli is due to leave prison in 2023, having been sentenced to seven years for fraud for lying to hedge fund investors and manipulating shares back in 2018. The sentence meant he lost his coveted one-off Wu-Tang Clan album.

The infamous rap fan is currently at Pennsylvania’s FCI Allenwood prison, having been transferred from a facility in New Jersey after it was found he was running a pharmaceutical company from his cell.

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