Would you fall in the name love? 

That’s right, ladies. The number one (and perhaps one the cutest) DJ in the world, Martin Garrix, is f the market. While there is no ficial word from the 21-year-old producer himself, he did post an adorable picture him and a girl scuba diving whilst holding hands on . In this day and age, that’s how you confirm a relationship, right?

After much digging and sifting through the numerous comments on the picture, it is obvious that the girl is Dutch model . If you need more confirmation who the mystery scuba diver alongside Garrix is, check out all the pictures she has with Garrix on her Instagram page.

It appears that they’ve been together for quite some time now, as one her posts dates back 7 months. Hopefully for them this is the real deal, and not just because they’re “scared to be lonely.”