Martin Garrix has a slew of new music coming out over the next month. While fans are arguably most excited for the collaboration with Dyro which was premiered at Tomorrowland, Martin let slip an interesting detail about a new tune.

Mike Yung first came to fame with an unbelievable viral video of him busking the subway. The man's voice was so good it took him to the semi-finals on America's Got Talent. I mean just check out this unbelievable video of him performing below. Now it seems that Mike Ying has a new world to conquer – the world of EDM.

Subway Performer Mike Yung Sings to Baby – If You Don't Know Me By Now (23rd Street Viral Sensation)

Martin announced about a week ago that he had an upcoming collaboration with Mike Yung. It truly does sound a bit unbelievable, but we are sure that this tune will blow the world away.

We are thrilled that Martin recognizes true talent and is giving someone with out of this world skills a chance to create something special. Check out Martin announcing the collaboration below.

Martin Garrix announces collab with Mike Yung