Marshmello Vows Music for the Day 1 Fans in Upcoming EP
Marshmello has been one the biggest superstars in music over the past few years. He can credit some his success to all the collaborations he has done with stars including Khalid, Selena Gomez, and the Migos. But what many you guys may have forgotten is that the masked DJ actually began his career producing rather interesting dance tracks.

When Marshmello was just starting his brand new act, he was playing a lot his own music. But unlike all his current mainstream pop tracks, his original productions categorized better as dance tracks. Tracks such as ‘Find Me‘, ‘Blocks‘, and ‘Know Me‘ once defined Mello and made all us take interest in his music. Since going mainstream, we haven’t really seen any work that resembled his original sounds but that’s all about to change. To the delight the OG Mellogang, he recently tweeted that a dance EP is in production. Check out the announcement tweet below.