Marshmello brings inclusivity to a new meaning with his new ASL music video for his song “You Can Cry”.

This video features Marshmello and a professional ASL interpreter signing the lyrics to the song. This allows for hearing impaired or deaf fans to follow along with the lyrics of the song and enjoy it just like the rest of us.

Music festivals like Electric Forest – where Marshmello will be performing this weekend – include ASL interpreters at the end of their stages for this reason as well.

Many people from the deaf community have reached out and have expressed their gratitude for the video.

“Most people take their hearing for granted, thank you Marshmello for reminding us that hearing isn’t a gift that everyone has,” says YouTube commenter, PKD5.

Marshmello released the song “You Can Cry” back in May of this year.

Watch the music video here:

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