Marshmello Has Started His Own Clothing Line With Zumiez

World famous DJ Marshmello has taken over the world with his hit songs and that big helmet. Now he is moving to the clothing industry in his latest mission after teaming up with Zumiez to start his own clothing Line. Labeled “Marshin” his clothes will be available exclusively in Zumiez stores.

Even though GQ named Marshmello one 2017’s Worst dressed men, he is still venturing out into this new business in 2018.With the preview picture already provided it looks like the street look it will be won’t be too much different from what he already wears. If you have followed him at all you know he wears all white all the time, so it will be interesting to see what different colors, if any, this clothing line provides.

The clothes are already available in stores and they include a hoodie, a long sleeve T shirt and 4 regular T shirts all with their own design. The full lineup Marshin clothes can be