If you consider yourself a techno fan, the names Perc Trax and Manni Dee need zero introductions. Recently, it was revealed that Manni would be returning to the label to release his second album, A Low Level Love. Just an announcement is enough to get most people tight in the pants, but the first single proves why both Mannie and Perc Trax continue to shine brightly amongst the techno scene. Stream the first single, 'A Pivotal Summer', below.


1) Persist & Change
2) Take Time
3) Yesterday's Hope
4) You Puked In The Alley Where We Kissed
5) Stride By Stride
6) No More Heroes
7) Betamax Interlude
8) Pivotal Summer
9) London In My System
10) You Don't Always Get What You Want
11) Closer

Manni Dee's A Low Level Love will be released on June 16th via Perc Trax. Grab your copy here.