A calming combination of ethereal guitar and uplifting composition, Manatee Commune captivates in his song “Growing Pains” featuring Samuel Eisen-Meyers. “Growing Pains,” was fifth and final single ahead of his new PDA LP which you can stream in full here. Check out the new single “Growing Pains” below now and check out his forthcoming tour dates and a quote from the Manatee Commune under the stream.

“‘Growing Pains' is a song about exploring life in your mid 20s. We are told we are supposed to have everything figured out by then, but this often is not the case. In the last year I’ve come to realize that I am doing exactly what I should be doing. Feeling the pains of growth is a sign of growth and every battle won is a step forward in the right direction. As long as you are doing what you love, you are on the right path..” – Manatee Commune

Leaving the Garden State Tour Dates:

5.18 – Portland, OR

5.20 – Santa Cruz, CA

5.21 – San Diego, CA

5.22 – Santa Ana, CA

5.23 – Las Vegas, NV

5.30 – Salt Lake City, UT

5.31 – Denver, CO

6.2 – Chicago, IL

6.4 – Philadelphia, PA

6.5 – Washington, DC

6.6 – Boston, MA

6.7 – New York, NY

6.9 – Nashville, TN

6.10 – Atlanta, GA

6.12 – Houston, TX

6.13 – Austin, TX

6.14 – Dallas, TX

6.17 – Phoenix, AZ

6.19 – Los Angeles, CA

6.21 – San Francisco, CA