Mall Grab and Nite Fleit will release their first collaborative EP on May 3.

The four-track ‘Moogie’ EP will showcase the duo’s sound, both separately and as a pair, combining Jordon Alexander’s knack for energetic house with Alysha Fleiter’s uncompromising blend harsh acid and headbanging techno to create an exhilarating electronic harmony.

There's two collaborative tracks, ‘Anatomy Of The Senses’ and ‘Moogie’, and one solo track from each artist: Nite Fleit's ‘Hot Bot’ and ‘Reconnaissance’ from Mall Grab.

'Moogie' will be released Looking For Trouble. Check out the artwork, tracklist and listen below.

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Mall Grab and Nite Fleit collaborate on the ‘Moogie’ EP

A1. Nite Fleit - Hot Bot
A2. Mall Grab - Reconnaissance
B1. Mall Grab, Nite Fleit - Anatomy of the Senses
B2. Mall Grab, Nite Fleit - Moogie

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