ODESZA’s Foreign Family Collective is easily one of my favorite indie imprints in the EDM space. While not only championing already established artists, they also shine a light on bubbling talent. For example, Nashville born and L.A. based duo mai.la with their new EP, blush. The new five-track-project is an immersive prog-pop that is filled with all sorts of influences and vibes that helps differentiate itself from other music coming out right now. Listen now below and check out a quote from mai.la above the stream!

“'blush’ is our time capsule. We made each of these tracks at such a specific time of our lives. There is no doubt that in 30 years, we’re going to listen to this EP and be transported to Tennessee roads and cicada songs. We’re going to remember the laughter, and the tears, the stress and the hugs. We’re going to remember 12-hour jam sessions and staying up until the sun rose, sleeping until 3pm, then doing it again. We weren’t thinking about putting it out, or where we’d be when we did, or how we’d feel about these songs. We weren’t thinking at all. It manifested, and now it’s here, and we will always be grateful for that. We hope that by listening, you get to see a little peek of that too.”