The US producer drops an exclusive mix to celebrate the release of his debut album

Jesusdapnk is a skilled deep house producer and DJ known for his atmospheric soundscapes, deep basslines, and intricate rhythms. His music draws from a variety of genres, including jazz, funk, and soul, blending these influences into a unique and distinctive sound.

He has released several acclaimed tracks and EPs on labels such as Robsoul, Nervous Records, Too Many Rules, The Basement Discos, Miura, Hustler Trax, Brobot, and Honne Music. His work has gained support from well-known artists like Simon Dunmore, Disclosure, Mark Farina, Phil Weeks, Steve Bug, Cinthie, Demuir, Junior Sanchez, Channel Tres, and others.

Known for his electrifying live performances, Jesusdapnk remains humble and dedicated to his craft, constantly exploring new possibilities within deep house music.

His debut album, “Summer Heartstrings” – an eight-track collection of heady grooves, mesmerizing vocals, and intoxicating atmospherics – is out now on Brobot, the respected US record label founded in 2013 by DJ and producer Junior Sanchez.

With the album out now, Jesusdapnk has put together an excluisve mix for us to celebrate its release.

Listen here and check our interview with Jesusdapnk below.

Your new album has a distinct sound. Can you tell us about the creative process behind it?

The new album’s sound is essentially an accumulation of my 16 years as a music producer. The album is a milestone for me, and ensuring it stands out relies on being distinct and unique. As a music producer, I prioritize having a unique sound that is recognizable as the Jesusdapnk style. I avoid using pre-made loops as much as possible, as depending on them does not make an artist unique. Many artists can achieve the same sounds and style with pre-made loops. Creating your style and sound requires thinking outside the box and taking the long route of production rather than the short and simple one. That is why the album has a distinct sound. Lots of raw love, talent, and passion went into this project.

What themes or messages are you trying to convey through this album?

The themes and messages of my album are about being chill, relaxed, unbothered, and stress-free, with a general summer vibe. The album is made for people to listen to as a cohesive story while they chill, lounge, relax, or dance. It has a lush, loving sound meant to be enjoyed overall. The sound and themes this album explores are mostly warm love and laid-back vibes. In a world filled with violence, conflict, anger, and aggression, this album is made to combat that and provide an escape from today’s problems. It’s an album made for people to sit back, grab a drink, and enjoy listening.

How has your musical style evolved over the years, and what influences have shaped this evolution?

My musical style has evolved in terms of becoming more professional. I started making music at 16, and now I am 31 years old. My sound is now cleaner and more refined. I feel I have also created a recognizable style of music in my own way, where people can now say, “this sounds like a Jesusdapnk track.” My sound has changed by being more patient with the process of making music. Rather than rushing projects, I prefer to rest and return to them with fresh ears and a new mindset. Before, I was a bit impatient, especially when I got my first record deals at 19. Nowadays, I know it’s better to wait, refine, and tune everything to greatness. My sound has also evolved by integrating various influences at once, such as jazz, electro, deep house, and acid. I produce naturally with whatever is on my mind, letting things flow rather than having a specific goal for the tracks I am creating.

You’ve drawn inspiration from jazz, funk, and soul. How do these genres influence your deep house productions?

These inspirations have always influenced my deep house productions, specifically jazzy key chords and the swing on drums. If you analyze my tracks, they often depend on deep, dreamy chords, a funky bassline, and jazzy, grooving hats and drums. Jazz is never a format; it’s a feeling. When I produce music, I avoid pre-made elements. I let my fingers do the talking on the synthesizers, keyboards, and drum machines. My drums always have multiple layers of hats, rides, snares, and claps with swing, similar to how many jazz drummers perform. I always add extra details to keep tracks from becoming bland and repetitive, something that can easily happen in electronic music. Jazz influences are about taking risks and letting the feeling and emotion guide my productions.

Founding Good Luck Penny must have been a significant milestone. What inspired you to start your own label, and what vision do you have for it?

Starting GLP in 2018 was a way to release the music I love and support the artists I cherish and appreciate. The label is a platform for unique sounds rather than generic club music. GLP is about proper deep house with feeling. Nothing in GLP’s catalog is formulaic; there are multiple subgenres of deep house on the label, including jazz and drum and bass, alongside fine house. I was inspired to create a label to release my own music and support musicians who want to be part of the GLP family, which appreciates a unique sound compared to many other labels that stick to generic formats. GLP is for risk-takers and risk-lovers. In 2025, I will be releasing more of my own music exclusively on GLP and focusing on more physical media such as cassette tapes, CDs, and vinyl releases.

Your tracks have gained support from big names like Simon Dunmore and Disclosure. How does it feel to receive recognition from such established artists?

It feels amazing. I started making music simply out of passion and as a release of emotion, basically as therapy since being a teen to now a grown adult. It’s always been an escape for me, and I never thought my music would land in the hands of such massive artists. Now, I try to make this an official career of solely living on music. Seeing my EP “Latin Touch/Caliente” with Currents being charted by Simon Dunmore was truly an amazing feeling. Additionally, my collaboration with James Juke, “Mas Devino,” making it to Disclosure’s record bag playlist was surreal. Big thanks to James and Gaston for getting that track into the hands of Disclosure. I’m a big fan!

What has been the most memorable moment of your career so far, whether in the studio or during a live performance?

It’s hard to say, really. I’ve had so many experiences in my career that it’s difficult to choose just one moment. I guess I can say that giving my parents a copy of my first vinyl release in 2018 was a standout. My dad is a big vinyl collector and enthusiast, so being able to give him a vinyl record I was featured on felt amazing—a meaningful achievement I could share with my parents.

With performances at numerous festivals and events worldwide, how do you prepare for your live sets to ensure they remain fresh and electrifying?

I let the events I’m playing and the vibe they have guide me. I like to mix like a movie or a story, starting calm and grooving, then slowly progressing to the climax and letting the gig’s vibe guide how I play. It’s not about playing banger after banger; it’s about reading the room and crowd and creating a memorable experience. To this day, I play with six USBs, some as old as 2011, and I just vibe. I am used to playing extended sets of 4-8 hours, so it’s important to know your music. I simply label my playlists by year and jam. The playlists on my USBs range from 300 to 500 tracks, so I have plenty of music and vibes ready for any event or gig, ready to deliver an experience to partygoers filled with top-notch quality music.

What can you tell us about the mix you’ve put together for us? Any standout tracks?

The mix I put together is a solid one-hour set consisting of half original music and half music I am a fan and supporter of. The mix is fresh, smooth, sexy, and lush. It’s proper house that can get you moving or chilling—something you can mingle to, dance to, and just vibe to without being too invasive. Just smooth, unique tracks. Standout tracks include those from my debut album ‘Summer Heartstrings’. ‘Dance With Essence’ is one of my favorite tracks that I have ever produced, all hardware-based raw deep acid house.

Summer Heartstrings is out now on Brobot

Mix tracklist:

  1. Jesusdapnk – Summer Heartstrings
  2. Jesusdapnk – Dance With Essence
  3. Jesusdapnk – Sleepless Fantasy
  4. Jesusdapnk – Bassline Bliss
  5. Jesusdapnk – Bring The Jazz
  6. Tim Deluxe – I Know
  7. Sound Stream – Deeper Love
  8. Antonio Zuza – Jupiter Deep (Ian Pooley Remix)
  9. gome – Tell Me
  10. Playin’ 4 The City – Minor Track
  11. gome – Get My Love
  12. Thierry Tomas, Yen Sung – Part Of
  13. Barbara Mendes – Got To Be In Love (Dub Mix)

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