We are thrilled to feature an exclusive DJ mix by Artic White, a rising star in the Organic House scene. Artic White’s unique signature sound combines orchestral tones with experimental synths and groovy rhythms, creating a soothing atmosphere that deeply moves the listener. His background as a composer allows him to add a brilliant progressive polish to his music, incorporating subtle piano melodies and light cinematic vibes. This mix exemplifies his ability to create an immersive musical experience, showcasing his distinctive approach to Organic House.

Artic White has rapidly gained recognition in the music world, receiving support from notable artists such as Lost Desert, Tim Green, David Hohme, and Amonita. His innovative style and melodic progression have carved out a new dimension in the genre, making his mixes a captivating listen for electronic music enthusiasts. As you delve into this DJ mix, prepare to be transported into a realm of soothing and melodic sounds, expertly crafted by Artic White.

Artic White DJ Mix


Vandelor & Schimdt (BR) – Adventure of an untold story
Artic White – Sirene
Ranta, Dodeca – Sinara
Simon Vuarambon – Afrika
Mauro Masi – Luminescent
MOS, Krasa Rosa,Sound Quelle – Purple Sky
Artic White – Sharda Island
Tim Green, Dulus – Silver Fade
Artic White – Libera
Lost Desert, Hermanez – Jinx (Volen Sentir Edit)
Artic White – Aria (Lost Desert edit)
Above and Beyond – The Surge (Proff Remix

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