After a smashing debut on Magnetic’s brand new record label, Toronto-based DJ and producer duo Beije is returning to the fold once more with a fresh new DJ mix.

Being one of the most talented duos in the melodic house genre I’ve had the opportunity to work with, I could not have been more excited when these guys said they were down to record a mix for us. Their productions are second to none, but there seems to be a criminally low number of DJ mixes out there for you to sink your teeth (ears?) into how their music sounds in the context of a full-length DJ mix.

So take a listen to their brand new record, which dropped a couple of days ago on Magnetic Magazine Recordings, above, and then hit play on the link below to dive into a healthy hour-plus mix of amazing progressive, melodic, and groovy dance music.

The Mix

Beije’s Tracklist:

1. Doppel – The Outside (Original Mix)
2. Marc Lenz – People Are People (Original Mix)
3. BP – Suppose We Are (Original Mix)
4. Alex O’Rion – Neuron (Version 1)
5. Tonaco – Avalon (Original Mix)
6. Kamilo Sanclemente, Kabi (AR), Agustín Ficarra – Astrofunk (Original Mix)
7. Gai Barone, Micah Paul Lukasewich – Pleiades (Echomen Remix)
8. K Loveski, Kabi (AR) – Lost in Roses (Maezbi Remix)
9. Luciano Elvira – Dudemile (Kyotto Remix)
10.foglight – Feel Again (Original Mix)
11.Kasper Koman – Brief (Original Mix)
12.Beije – Ecdysis (Original Mix)

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